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Midterm - Invisibility Cloak

Invisibility Cloak

People everywhere in America are affected by the ongoing war in Iraq in some way or another. Some are strongly opposed to it, and some are adamant supporters. Some have fought and returned, some know people who are fighting, and some are still out there in warfare. People everywhere are affected by the news the war is bringing in and the affect it is having on our country. Many are mainly concerned with the safety of our troops, and rightfully so. A new breakthrough, however, is being worked on to help improve the safety of our soldiers: a real life version of an invisibility cloak. Imagine the advantages troops could have if armed with something this valuable. The technology is due to come out in the next decade. It will be a huge breakthrough for technology, and an enormous safety boost for our soldiers. Once perfected, an invisibility cloak would be an interesting one to market. With its obvious benefits it would be best to market this product with the techniques of emotional branding and rhetorical marketing.

Emotional branding is defined as building brand value solely on the basis of creating an emotional connection between the product and the consumer, with no reference to the features or quality. This type of marketing would be perfect for the campaign of an invisibility cloak. The marketing needed for this type of ad campaign requires an emotional connection between the consumer and the product in order for it to be a success. By playing to the target audience’s emotional and sympathetic side, one could easily convince people that the safety of our soldiers is worth investing in. Whether the call to action for the consumers is to fund the product or simply support it, emotional branding would be effective in doing so. Almost everyone in the country is emotionally invested in this war because it involves each of us in some way. And again, one of our major concerns about the war is the safety of our troops. If there is a way to make the chance greater of soldiers returning home, people will support it. It is important to make that emotional connection during the advertisements for this product in order to win over opinions.

Another great way to spread awareness and support of an invisibility cloak would be to advertise using rhetorical marketing. When executed properly rhetoric is an effective way to convince, gain sympathy, and promote a reliable image. This is exactly what an advertiser would want to do when compiling ideas to convince for this campaign. A great way to use rhetoric is to ask rhetorical questions in ads. This product would be a great one to use this specific technique of rhetoric.

Many different types of advertisements are using these two techniques. Products for families use emotional branding all the time. Companies like Johnson and Johnson, Lysol, Glade, Pampers, and Jif all play to our emotions. These companies all strive to make a connection with the consumer and make you feel like you are making your family happy by choosing their product. For example, Jif ‘s slogan for their peanut butter is “Choosy moms choose Jif.” This statement exemplifies that moms who want the best choose Jif as their peanut butter. Therefore, if you choose Jif you will be making your family happy. Emotional branding is a great way to connect with the consumer and show understanding.

Products working towards a better economic situation use rhetorical marketing frequently. Companies like Seventh Generation and Scotts Naturals both take part in this type of advertising strategy. Seventh Generation makes paper products out of 100% recycled materials. They pose the question “What if every household in America replaced just one regular roll of toilet paper with a recycled one?” Then they give the answer: You could save 423,900 trees, 1.0 million cubic feet of landfill space, and 153 million gallons of water, a year's supply for 1,200 families of four. This kind of logic is an effective way to convince and persuade.

An invisibility cloak would not only help out troops, but enhance possibilities for our future advancements in protection and safety. Convincing the public of the obvious benefits this product has can be done by using emotional branding and rhetorical marketing. By using these two techniques advertising will convince consumers all over the country that better protection of our soldiers is in place. Therefore, it will put many minds at ease that have concerns with the current war and future wars to come.